About Me

Reading on the Isle of Arran

Hi! My name is Erin and I am a 15 year old girl originally from Scotland but currently living in England. Ever since I was very little I have absolutely loved reading. I have always really enjoyed writing and reading and I spend most of my time snuggled in a blanket enjoying a large book. When I’m not reading I like to play my guitar and participate in musicals and stage shows with my local drama groups.

Why I picked ‘Books and Blue Socks’ as my blog name

The blue stockings were women that were part of the feministic social and educational blue stocking movement in the 18th century. The group was first founded in the early 1850’s as a literary discussion group. They wanted to drift away from the common stereotype that women were unintellectual. As a proud feminist I decided to name my blog after this incredible movement!

Why I started this blog

Starting this blog in April 2019, I wanted young teens like me to realise that reading can be fun. I really wanted to it to be a place where I could write to my hearts content about all my favourite books! Being the keen English student I am, I also wanted to improve my writing skills. I hope as the blog goes on my writing will improve and my ability to review books will also improve :))

When I will post?

I aim to post at least once a week but due to exams and schoolwork this is liable to change. I hope that you enjoy my blog posts and to stay updated you can follow my instagram page by clicking the icon in the top menu bar or by following my page on goodreads!