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Floored: By Various authors

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Age Recommendation: 14+

My Thoughts

Floored is a young adult novel told from the perspective of six unique characters. It is a collaborative novel meaning it is written by more than one author. Floored was written by seven amazing bestselling authors including Eleanor Wood, Holly Bourne, Lisa Williamson, Melinda Salisbury, Sarah Barnard, Non Pratt and Tanya Byrne.

The book takes place when a group of six young people meet in a lift. They then become friends after a particular incident in the lift and continue to meet once every year. I thought that the story was fabulous and completely heart warming. It reminded me as a reader of what friendship really means but also showed how people change over the years and what growing up really means.

There are six characters in this book. Kaitlyn a girl who is slowly looking her sight, Dawson a childhood television star who has seen better days, Joe whos mother suffers from dementia, Sasha who’s parents are struggling for money, Velvet who struggles with her confidence and struggles to discover who she really is and last but not least the snobbish Hugo who believes himself to be the best. Throughout the book you begin to feel a real connection with the characters as if you have grown up with them and soon grow to love all the characters (yes even Hugo). The authors claimed they grew vary close during the writing period and is very much portrayed throughout the book via the characters.

I also think that there were lots of important themes that were addressed in this book. I really liked how each character seemed to have a dilemma in their lives and throughout the book the character comes to terms with their problem and then begins to solve them as time passes.

Overall I gave this book a rating of 4.3 out of 5. The book had a feeling of accomplishment at the end and kind of left me, as a reader, with a buzz! I also gave this book an age reccomendation of 14+ as there is a little adult content and a little swearing which some children may not like.

The Blurb

When they got in the lift, they were strangers.

SASHA, who is desperately trying to deliver a parcel; HUGO, who knows he’s the best looking guy in the lift and is eyeing up VELVET, who knows what that look means; DAWSON, who used to be on TV, used to be handsome, and is sincerely hoping no one recognizes him; KAITLYN, who’s looking her sight but won’t admit it; and JOE, who shouldnt be here at all but wants to be here the most.

And one more person, who will bring them all together again on the same day every year.

Every day told seven ways in this unique collaborative novel.

About the Authors

Sara Barnard is the author of Beautiful Broken Things, A Quiet Kind of Thunder, Goodbye, Perfect and the forthcoming Fierce Fragile Hearts.

Holly Bourne is the author of Soulmates, The Manifesto On How To Be Interesting, The Spinster Club series, It Only Happens In The Movies and Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes.

Tanya Byrne is the author of Heart Shaped Bruise, Follow Me Down and For Holly.

Non Pratt is the author of Trouble, Remix, Unboxed, Truth or Dare, My Second Best Friend, and the forthcoming Giant Days.

Melinda Salisbury is the author of The Sin Eaters Daughter series and State Of Sorrow.

Lisa Williamson is the author of The Art of Being Normal, All About Mia and the forthcoming Paper Avalanche.

Eleanor Wood is the author of Becoming Betty and My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend. She is also the co-founder of the lo-fi 90s style fansize I Am Not Ashamed.

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